TOURO is a small municipality in A Coruña province, with an area of 115.3 km2; it is located northeast of Santiago de Compostela, on the north bank of the River Ulla, which forms a natural boundary with Pontevedra province. Its territory is made up of 19 parishes, with a population of 3,979 inhabitants (January 2012).

It is 28 km from the capital of Galicia, with which it is linked by road via the AC-240 (daily bus service by the Mosquera company) and the N-547, which links with the CP-0605 and DP-6602 roads. It takes 20-25 minutes to travel from Fonte Díaz to Santiago and 15 minutes to Lavacolla Airport.

The agricultural-stockbreeding sectors stand out, especially the production of Arzúa-Ulloa cheese. Another important sector is forestry, featuring high timber production and small local sawmills; to a lesser extent, the hotel and catering sector in connection with rural tourism, trekking and weekend clubbing.


Trails through Riverside Landscapes
The banks of the Ulla and its natural viewpoints, in the municipality of Touro, feature a series of tourist attractions in which the river, with its meanders, pools and cascades, waters the rich vegetation made up of cork trees, thickets, scrubland and carballeiras (oak groves), which can be visited thanks to more than 25 km of trekking trails.

Alternative Route of the Way of St. James for Cyclists or Dutch Route
This route begins in the municipality of Arzúa, specifically at the turn-off on the N-547 towards Touro. It follows the AC-240 local road. Pilgrims, especially cyclists, choose this route for two main reasons: the lack of traffic travelling along the AC-240 and the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

Traditional Rural Festivals
One of the main events in Touro’s festive calendar is the traditional Carnival of the Xenerais da Ulla, which is held with a large number of participants in the parishes of Fao, Bama and Touro. The “Romaría de San Breixo de Foxás” and the Market on the 5th of each month, are another two outstanding events where visitors can discover and enjoy our traditions and customs.

“Pazos” and Water Mills
In addition to religious constructions, Touro’s civil architecture features “pazos” (country manors): Pazo de Andeade, in the parish of Andeade; Dioño, in that of Cornado; Rosende, in that of Calvos; Mince, in that of Prevediños; Lobagueiras, in that of Bendaña, and the water mills of A Carballa, Rozas and Merés, which have recently been restored.

Touro, at Your Service
The small town of Fonte Díaz features all the services a tourist can need: health centre, pharmacies, supermarkets, restaurants, cafeterias, municipal swimming pool and camper area, as well as weekend entertainment centred on night clubs and discos. The rural tourism establishments spread throughout the municipality complete this range of services, in the surroundings of a privileged natural setting: the River Ulla.

+ info:
Tourist Information Point: Isabel II, 15 (Casa do Concello). Fonte Díaz
Open: 9 am to 2.30 pm
Tel (+34) 981 504 029 / 981 814 566

Permanent Multimedia Information Point (outside the Town Hall) with information panels outside the Casa do Concello, featuring the latest news about “Tourist Touro” and “Trekking Touro.”

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