ROIS is located in the southwest of A Coruña province, between the geographic areas defined by A Maía and the lower Ulla. It has an area of 92.8 km2 and its territory is made up of 12 parishes housing 4,871 inhabitants (Municipal Census, January 2012).

Rois is 20 km from the capital of Galicia. Its main population centres, Rois and Urdilde, are linked with Santiago by road via the AC-301 and N-550 roads, in the case of the former, and by the CG-1.5 and AG-56 roads in the case of the latter.

The strong points of Rois’ economic structure include the large amount of arable farmland, stockbreeding specialisation, big expanse of woodland suitable for timber exploitation and the existence of large businesses (aluminium, distillery, timber, etc).


Charming hamlets: Silvarredonda and Angueira de Castro
Silvarredonda features a group of five functioning waterwheels linked together by large channels that look like aqueducts. Angueira de Castro can be toured following the flagstone trails under the high-standing vines, in order to admire its houses with stone balconies and visit Castro Lupario.

The Val de Rois golf course has 18 holes where you can also enjoy other sports, such as paddle tennis and tennis. Moreover, its cafeteria and restaurant are open to the public and make this the ideal place for enjoying a day out with family and friends.

Castro de Socastro
Located in Herbogo and surrounded by native vegetation, Castro de Socastro is made up of a main enclosure with an oval ground plan, delimited by a parapet made of earth. This “castro” (Celtic settlement), which generated a large quantity of legends featuring “mouros,” is visible from all the hills surrounding the Baleirón river basin.

Pazo de Faramello
Ponds, swimming pools, fountains, channels, natural pools, gardens… the fusion of stone, water and nature convey matchless spirituality and point to the origin of Pazo de Faramello as a former paper factory. The Camellia Route makes a stop in this spectacular setting, full of history and matchless beauty.

Sorribas Way of the Cross
The Sorribas Way of the Cross is a heritage ensemble from 1698, featuring a total of twelve stations located in an extremely beautiful natural setting, which pilgrims made good use of on their way to the Apostle’s tomb. A fountain and the church of San Tomé de Sorribas complete the beautiful scene.

Tourist Office: Samil, 1. Rois
Open: 9 am to 2 pm
Tel (+34) 981 804 109

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