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PADRÓN is a municipality in A Coruña province, with an area of 50 km2. It is located to the south of Santiago de Compostela, bathed by the Sar and Ulla rivers, bordering Pontevedra province. Its territory is made up of 5 parishes and it has a population of 8.963 (2015 Census).

It is 20 km from the capital of Galicia, to which it is linked by road via the N-550 (daily bus service by Monbus and Arriva) and the AP-9 motorway, and by rail with the regular A Coruña-Vigo line (see Renfe).

The area’s fertility has made it a gastronomic reference point thanks to the famous Herbón Peppers, which have a Protected Designation of Origin. The industrial sector also stands out with about fifty factories, in sectors ranging from timber to tanning or aluminium transformation.


Padrón, Berce do Xacobeo
According to Jacobean tradition, Padrón is the place where the Apostolic Boat was moored, after being guided by an angel to bring the Apostle James’ lifeless body from Palestine to the port of Iria Flavia. The boat’s mooring place was, according to legend, the famous Pedrón, a Roman altar stone that is kept under the main altar of the Church of Santiago de Padrón.

Literary Route
Padrón is a town with a long, historical literary tradition, being the cradle of writers such as the medieval troubadour Macías O Namorado, Rosalía de Castro or the Nobel Prize-winner for Literature Camilo José Cela, among others. Today, there are guided tours of the Foundations of Rosalía de Castro and Camilo José Cela.

“Uns pican e outros non” (Some are hot and others are not)
This unmistakable popular saying refers to the famous Herbón Peppers, which are grown using ancestral techniques in the Padrón parish of the same name and are consumed from May to October, approximately. Another tasty delicacy obtained from the cold waters of the Ulla is lamprey, which is caught by means of artisanal fishing in Herbón’s Roman pesqueiras, which are still in use today.

Padrón begins the season of Galicia’s main festivals with its Fiesta de la Pascua, at Easter, which includes a cattle market and equestrian events, bull fighting, agricultural machinery fair, children’s amusements, important orchestras, sports events and activities for all ages. Other important events are the Santiaguiño do Monte (July 24-25) or the Herbón Pepper Festival, declared to be of Galician Tourist Interest.

+ info:
Tourist Office: Avenida de Compostela (no number), Padrón
Open: Tuesday to Saturday (10 am-2 pm and 4.15-7 pm) and public holidays (10 am-1.30 pm)
Tel (+34) 645 593 319

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Info available in Spanish and Galician. Sorry for the inconvenience.