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OROSO is located to the northeast of the municipality of Santiago de Compostela, on the other side of the River Tambre. Sigüeiro, its administrative centre, is 17 km from the centre of the capital of Galicia (via the N-550 road), 10 km from its airport and 51 km from A Coruña. Grupo Monbus operates the bus service to the provincial capital.

The AP-9 motorway, which links the north of Galicia and the Portuguese border, also runs through the municipality. It is worth mentioning one of the Jacobean routes, the English Road, which crosses Oroso from north to south and which, in the past, was used by pilgrims arriving by sea from Northern Europe.

It is located on the right-hand bank of the Tambre and features a continuous rural landscape. Sigüeiro, the main population centre, has grown due to its proximity to Santiago de Compostela, acting as a satellite town. The municipality has a total population of 7,328 inhabitants (2012 Census), divided among 11 parishes, with a population density of 101 inhabitants/km2.


The O Refuxio swimming area, which also features a recreational area, is covered by large oak trees and surrounded by riverside vegetation (alders and willows), resulting in shaded scenery of great beauty. Sigüeiro’s fishing preserve, one of the most popular among the province’s anglers, is renowned for its abundant trout. The municipality’s plentiful water resources are also evident in recreational areas such as A Penateixa, Ponte Arderís, O Cachopal and Rego Tellado, in the Carboeiro walk and in the free fishing areas on the Cabrón, Lengüelle, Maruzo, Samo and Tambre rivers.

Festa da Troita (Trout Festival)
Normally coinciding with the second weekend in May, Oroso hosts the Festa da Troita (declared to be of Galician tourist interest) in Alameda de Gois. Apart from the fishing competition and tasting of trout, there are all kinds of activities, such as the Oroso en Vivo festival (with the best orchestras), the craft fair or the antique car show.

The English Road
This Jacobean route dates from the 12th century and crosses Oroso from the ports of Ferrol and A Coruña. It is shorter and more practical for those arriving by sea from Northern Europe. Both itineraries coincide in Bruma, which is 2 stages away from Santiago: Bruma-Sigüeiro (30 km) and Sigüeiro-Santiago (18 km).

Civil and Religious Architecture
Although there are megalithic, “castro” (Celtic settlement) and Roman remains, its civil heritage stands out: Pazo de Meimixe (18th c.) with an “hórreo” (stone granary), Casa dos Somoza (19th c.) and water mills, some of which still work and are used to make bread. Among them, the ethnographic ensemble at Senra and Cardama stand out. In relation to religious architecture, it is worth mentioning the baroque elements of the churches of Gándara and Senra, and stone crosses.

Sigüeiro features one of the most important pitch & putt golf courses in Galicia, hosting the World Championship in 2013. It is an easy and fast 18-hole course, with tee-to-green distances ranging from 35 to 90 m.

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