O PINO is located practically in the centre of Galicia, in the southeast of A Coruña province. It has an area of 132.3 km2, divided among thirteen parishes: Arca, Budiño, Castrofeito, Cebreiro, Cerceda, Gonzar, Lardeiros, Medín, Pastor, Pereira, O Pino, San Mamede and San Breixo de Ferreiros. Its population is 4,732 inhabitants (January 2012).

To get here from Santiago, located only 18 km from O Pedrouzo, the municipality’s administrative centre, you follow the A-54 for around 9 km. On reaching the roundabout, you take the first exit leading to the N-547 road and after 5 km, you reach O Pedrouzo. The frequency of the daily bus service ( Empresa Freire) with O Pedrouzo and other population centres on the Way of St. James (Arzúa, Melide) is fairly high. In turn, the Arriva company connects the municipality’s population centres on the N-634 road (Santiso, O Marquiño, etc) with Santiago.

The French Road to Santiago (6 hours on foot from O Pedrouzo) is a very important economic and tourist driving force in this municipality; most of its workers are therefore employed in the services sector, followed by agriculture, industry and construction.



French Road
O Pino is the Galician municipality with the most kilometres of the French Road to Santiago (specifically 18 km). It is also the last stage of this Jacobean Route before reaching the Apostolic City.
Hidden among the vegetation are details related to the worship of St. James: milestones featuring scallop shells, or even small altars improvised by pilgrims in any natural space. Step by step, the traveller discovers panoramic views of vegetation, combined with constructions and farmland throughout the municipality.

The most important event in O Pino is the popular Festa do Galo Piñeiro, declared a Festival of Galician Tourist Interest. The event is held on the first weekend in August in the parish of Arca, including the Feira dos Galos Vivos, during which a jury choses the best cock and chicken. There is also a Horse Fair featuring different trials, competitions and equestrian exhibitions. This same event also hosts a Celtic Fair, several concerts and a festive lunch centred on a cock dish.
Other popular festivals are La Magdalena, in Castrofeito on July 22, and San Pedro in Arca on June 19.

Natural Heritage
The course of the River Tambre, included in the protected sites of the Natura 2000 Network, features interesting spots and magnificent scenic views, as well as numerous water mills, recreational areas or river beaches.
A good example of some of these natural elements are the recreational areas of Pontedapedra in Medín and the A Tarroeira swimming area.
Other sites in the municipality of O Pino that should not be missed are the carballeira (oak grove) of “Feria del día 20” in the parish of Cebreiro, the beautiful A Magdalena recreational area in Castrofeito and the waterfall on the River Noa.

Tourist Office: A Rúa – Arca, 15821, O Pino. Open from Easter to November, Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm.
Tel: 981 510 548

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