LALÍN, with an area of 326.8 km2, is the fourth largest municipality in Galicia and enjoys a privileged location in the centre of the Deza region. Its geographical location, in the so-called “Kilometre Zero of Galicia,” has made this municipality an important logistics enclave due to its centrality. Its territory is divided into 51 parishes, with 20,409 inhabitants (2012 Census).

Located 46 km from the capital of Galicia, with which it is linked by road via the N-525 road (daily bus service by the Monbus company) and the AP-53 motorway, and by rail thanks to the A Coruña – Ourense line, with several daily services (train timetables at Renfe).

This municipality has a highly diversified economy. In addition to traditional agricultural and stockbreeding activities, a diversified industrial sector has arisen in recent decades, especially in the textile field. Being the regional capital, Lalín also features business and service activities, apart from the primary and secondary sectors.


Lalín, Region of “Pazos” and Manors
The municipality is an enclave of “pazos” and manors, which have shaped the history of Lalín and its inhabitants for centuries. The municipally owned Pazo de Liñares stands out; it has been declared a Monument of Cultural Interest and has just been completely refurbished.

Lalín, Crossroads of Jacobean Routes
Two Jacobean routes to Compostela run through Lalí: the “Vía de la Plata” and the Winter Road. Both merge at the hamlet of A Laxe (Bendoiro) and follow the same itinerary as far as Santiago.

Lalín, Natural and Scenic Capital
Lalín has a high natural and scenic value. Fraga de Catasós stands out and has been declared a Natural Monument due to the size of its trees. It also features 270 “carballeiras” (oak groves) and more than thirty “castros” (Celtic settlements), which consolidate it as a “castro” municipality par excellence.

Lalín, Tradition and Culture
The Feira do Cocido (Galician Stew Festival), declared to be of national tourist interest, is the maximum exponent of this municipality and is held every year on the Sunday before the Carnival festival. The Romaría do Corpiño is another important festival, attracting worshippers from all over Galicia.

Lalín, Cradle of Artists
From Laxeiro to Antón Lamazares, Lalín also stands out as the cradle of plastic artists. This municipality likewise features a well-established Music Conservatory, whose musicians, along with the Lalín Band, are nationally and internationally renowned.

Lalín Tourist Office: Avenida de la Estación (no number), Lalín
Tel: (+34) 666 430 458
Open all year
Winter: from Monday to Friday (11 am-2.30 pm and 4-8 pm)
Summer: from Monday to Sunday (11 am-2.30 pm and 4-8 pm)
Tel: (+34) 666 430 458

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