BOQUEIXÓN is a municipality in A Coruña province, located in the southwest of the province and bordering Pontevedra province. It is made up of a series of valleys and hills running down to the River Ulla. With an area of 47 km2, it consists of 14 parishes and has a population of 4,443 inhabitants (2013 Census).

Located 10 km from Santiago de Compostela, it is easily accessed thanks to the N-525 road from Santiago to Ourense, which means that the capital of Galicia is close, both spatially and economically. The C-260 is the main interior road link. A daily bus service run by the company Autocares Mosquera links O Forte, the main population centre, and other Boqueixón villages with Santiago, while the Monbus company runs a daily service from Santiago to Lestedo, the main population centre on the N-525 road.

The municipality has the characteristic population structure of a rural area. An important part of the population works in the services sector, as well as in agriculture/stockbreeding. The most representative local businesspeople are those of the manufacturing and retail sectors.


Pico Sacro
Pico Sacro is one of the most mythical and best known of Galicia’s visitable mountains. Venerated by the area’s inhabitants, it plays an essential role in the tradition about the Apostle James’ body being brought to Galicia; in the case of pilgrims, it marks the final stage of the “Vía de la Plata” route before reaching Santiago.

Filloa Festival of Lestedo
The Filloa Festival of Lestedo was declared to be of Galician Tourist Interest in 2008. Having been held more than 30 times, it is one of the region’s most outstanding gastronomy festivals. It is centred on an exclusively Galician product, the “filloa” (crepe). However, apart from its gastronomic importance, it is a festival full of tradition.

Xenerais da Ulla
The Carnival of the Xenerais da Ulla was declared a Festival of Galician Tourist Interest in 2013 and is held in the parishes of Sergude and Lestedo. It is a unique carnival featuring a verbal combat between Generals using rhyming verses. Its origin goes back to the War of Independence, at the beginning of the 19th century.

Tourist Office: Forte (no number), Municipality of Boqueixón
Open: 9 am – 2.30 pm
Tel: 981 513 061

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