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ARZÚA is 385 metres above sea level, in the geographical centre of Galicia, a privileged location very close to the main cities: less than an hour from A Coruña and Lugo, half an hour from Santiago de Compostela and only 20 minutes from its airport.

The municipal district has a population density of 47 inhab./km2, amounting to a demographic total of 6,308 inhabitants (according to the latest Census), divided among 22 parishes.

It is the perfect place for getting away and enjoying its natural and cultural heritage. The commitment to rural tourism and the Way of St. James are its main attractions, apart from its gastronomy and an extensive range of accommodation.

There is a frequent bus service (run by empresa Freire) to and from Santiago, which is very practical for those who only want to walk the last 2 stages of the Way: Arzúa-O Pedrouzo and O Pedrouzo-Santiago (approx. 20 km/day each stage). The same company links other population centres on the Way: Melide and Palas de Rei (on the French Road) and Lugo (on the Original Road).



Fervenza das Hortas (waterfall)
Fervenza das Hortas is a matchless place in the parish of Dombodán, where the rushing waters of the River Ladrón make up a fascinating waterfall beside an old water mill.

Portodemouros Reservoir
The region’s most important civil engineering project. Its construction in the mid-1960s resulted in an ideal place for recreational activities, linked to the water and its natural surroundings.

Pazo de Brandeso
A symbol of the settlement carried out by numerous nobles in this area at the end of the 17th century and in the 18th century, along with other “pazos” (country manors), such as Pazo de Sedor, and numerous mansions. This “pazo” inspired Ramón María del Valle-Inclán’s “Spring Sonata.”

Arzúa’s pastures feed one of Galicia’s most important herds of cows. This circumstance gave rise to a star product, cheese, under two designations of origin: “Tetilla” and “Arzúa-Ulloa.” Centred on this product, every year in the first week in March, the locality holds its traditional and successful Festa do Queixo (Cheese Festival).

French Road and Ribadiso Hostel
Two main routes of the Way of St. James merge in the municipality of Arzúa: the French Road and the North Road. It also features one of the most beautiful and best-preserved hostels, that of Ribadiso (old pilgrim hospital), set in beautiful natural surroundings.


+ info:
Tourist Office: Praza do Peregrino (no number)
Open: between June and October from Monday to Friday (9.30 am to 1.30 pm and 4 to 7 pm) and Saturday (9.30 am to 1.30 pm). Sundays and holidays closed.
Tel: 981 508 056

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