Pazo de San Lorenzo
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FROM JUNE 14th 2012, anyone can enjoy 'Nights of San Lorenzo', a few evenings very special in the "new" Pazo de San Lorenzo, to take a wine in his impressive Garden, dine within the walls of one of the most beautiful pazos of Galicia or enjoy a Cup in the light of the candles with ambient music. 'Nights of San Lorenzo' are held every Thursday and Friday from 8pm and until after 2am.


The Pazo de San Lorenzo is an outstanding building at the heart of Santiago de Compostela. This city has been declared Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO. The building is surrounded by a wood and wonderful, walled gardens occupying over 40,000 m2. The whole complex, which belongs to the Spanish National Artistic Heritage, combines the traditional charm of the typical Galician mansions with great historical value.

Founded in the 13th century, it belonged from the 15th century to the Counts of Altamira who granted usufruct to the Franciscan Order. The building was a Franciscan monastery for five hundred years until the 19th century when, after State confiscation of church property, it was transformed into a palace. The current owners, the Dukes of Soma and Medina de las Torres, are descendants of the Counts of Altamira.

The Pazo underwent a process of refurbishment as from 1993 to make it suitable for use as a venue for congresses and conventions as well as weddings and other social events for up to 700 people.

Its unique atmosphere can only be enjoyed at such specific events as the owners continue to use it as a private residence.

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Pazo de San Lorenzo
Pazo de San Lorenzo

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