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Santiago 2010 Gastronomy Forum Recipes

Santiago 2010 Gastronomy Forum Recipes

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Santiago 2010 Gastronomy Forum Recipes [Languages: Spanish - Galician]

Recipes elaborated during Forum Gastronomico Santiago 2010 by some of the best cooks of the world: Agnar Sverisson, Flavio Morganti, Ramón Morató, Antonio Vieira, Ernst Knam, Pedro Roca, Nacho Manzano, Jakob Mielcke, Jordi Butrón, Eneko Atxa, Josean Alija, Marcos and Pedro Morán, Nicolas Magie, Marcelo Tejedor, Bart De Pooter, Alex Atala, José Luis Vaz, Héctor López, Xosé and Xoán Cannas, Sotohiro Kosugi, María Varela, Alfonso González, Sergio and Javier Torres, Javier Olleros, Joan Roca, Pepe Solla, Vítor Matos and Bento Amaral, Bernard Lahousse and Peter Couquyt.

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