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Today is thursday 26 november, it is 14ºC and partly cloudy in Santiago



Here is a list of Turismo de Santiago’s recent publications. These are essential tools for projecting the city’s tourist information, services, new products and the media initiatives undertaken by the entity.

The main publications are::

  1. General Compostela
  2. Museums of Santiago de Compostela
  3. Route of Santiago’s Museums
  4. Contemporary Architecture (English, Spanish, Galician)
  5. Parks and Gardens (English, Spanish, Galician)
  6. Santiago, Spiritual Centre. Religious Tourism (English, Spanish, Polish)
  7. Convention Bureau.SCCB
  8. Convention Bureau Guide
  9. Santiago de Compostela Film Commission.
  10. Language Tourism
  11. Compostelavisión Trips (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese)
  12. MP3 Audio-Guide
  13. Much to Do in Santiago de Compostela
  14. Compostur 2006. Professional Guide.
  15. Guide of the Audiovisual Sector in Santiago and Surroundings.
  16. Compostela Turística. Information Bulletin 2004/2005
  17. En Compostela Magazine 2004
  18. En Compostela Magazine 2005
  19. Annual Cultural Programme 2005
  20. Tourism Excellence Plan
  21. Tourism Observatory Bulletins
  22. Strategic Tourism Plan in Santiago de Compostela
  23. Study on Degree of Customer Satisfaction


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