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‘Living Compostela’ Tourism Awareness Campaign

In relation to the Tourism Excellence Plan, Santiago City Council believes that it is of vital importance to inform and involve Santiago’s residents in the tourism phenomenon.

In view of Compostela’s maturity as a cultural and religious destination, and the events that will mark Santiago’s future (such as the upcoming construction of the City of Culture or the introduction of low-cost flights connecting Santiago with a growing number of European capitals), the City Council would like to attain the following two objectives with regard to its residents:

  • 1.- Informing residents about the positive benefits produced by tourism in factors such as the construction of infrastructures, the creation of jobs, the generation of wealth (tourism’s domino effect), etc, always in parameters linked to quality and sustainability.

  • 2.- Involving Compostela’s residents in the tourism phenomenon in general and in the Tourism Excellence Plan in particular. We are aware that one of a city’s main assets is its people. It is therefore necessary to turn Compostela’s residents into participants, so that they can become familiar with their city and what it offers, interacting as internal tourists of their own city.

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