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Very close to Santiago: Padrón

The Artistic-Botanic garden of Padrón is located on the right side of the N-550 road from A Coruña to Tui, in Avenida de Compostela (Padrón). Designated a National Artistic Monument in 1946, it is ideal for enjoying a walk or a chat.

This magical spot houses real natural gems, which were enjoyed by our dearest and most popular writer, Rosalía de Castro, who wrote poetry in the shade of a sequoia in the garden, which now bears her name.

This garden is considered one of the oldest in Spain and is part of its artistic heritage. It plays a prominent role in the leisure and recreational life of the Terras de Iria region, being closely linked to the Apostle James, Rosalía de Castro and Camilo José Cela; it therefore features specimens dedicated to these figures or persons directly related to them.

In just over a hectare, the Botanic Garden of Padrón houses an extraordinary variety of flora made up of 300 species, as well as 9 elements included in the monumental tree catalogue of Finisterrae. Its maze-like gardens are ideal for wandering around in, enjoying one of this Jacobean region’s most important botanic gems.

Monday to Sunday: 9 am to 9 pm


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Artistic-Botanic Garden of Padrón

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Avenida de Compostela, Padrón, 15900