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Other SCFC Activities

In addition to a Film Commission’s normal activities, SCFC is planning to undertake other activities related to the audiovisual world, in order to make Santiago a reference point for both the industry and its residents. Talks, discussions, conferences, series of films, exhibitions, markets, festivals… there are numerous possibilities and SCFC aims at boosting this type of activities in the city.

In this regard, SCFC created Curtocircuito, which is held in June and has the objective of becoming the main annual short-film event in the Iberian Peninsula. Curtocircuito is the name of a festival and project organised by Santiago City Council and Turismo de Santiago, and sponsored by Caixa Galicia. This initiative was designed to consolidate a platform promoting audiovisual creativity, by means of screening short-film projects in the fields of video-creation, fiction and animation.

Curtocircuito is divided into three sections:

  • Festival It consists of an official section and panorama section. The former is open to recent short films, in any form, produced in Spain or Portugal. During the festival, the selected short films are screened in several of the city’s cultural venues. And the panorama section turns Compostela into an outdoor cinema, whose different halls are the old town’s emblematic squares.

  • Compostela ródase This is a script-writing competition for the Iberian Peninsula. The prize is the production of the three best scripts, which are thereafter filmed (as long as Santiago is chosen as the location).

  • Non te curtes This section invites people to film in Santiago during the week-long Curtocircuito festival, giving participants the use of a room with editing equipment. The resulting films are screened during the festival and compete for the Avid prize, one of several awarded during the festival.

Conferences, round tables, workshops and concerts complete an intense programme in which the short film is the protagonist and Santiago, the perfect location.