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'Santiago Is Big' Wins Tour Film Brazil 2010 Award

The councillor for Economic Promotion and Tourism, Xosé Manuel Iglesias, presented in Pazo de Raxoi the two prizes awarded to Santiago Tourism’s promotional video, Santiago Is Big, at Tour Film Brazil 2010. The councillor was accompanied by the Production Manager of Ficción Producciones, Antonio Veiga, and the video’s director Daniel de la Torre.
The video won the Tour Film Brazil 2010’s grand prize, which the jury awarded to the best video from all of the festival’s 19 categories. The prize was collected by Xosé Manuel Iglesias during the closing gala, which was held in the city of Florionópolis. The councillor declared that the prize reflected international recognition for Santiago Tourism’s promotional work and for all those involved in making the video. Santiago Tourism presented the video in the Tourist Destination category, where it also won first prize.

International Jury
The composition of the jury highlights the importance of this prize. It was chaired by France’s George Pessis, the producer of more than 300 audiovisual programmes. Its members from countries such as Austria, Serbia, Brazil, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and Uruguay, also included England’s David Cooper.

Santiago Is Big
Santiago Is Big was publicly released in 2008 and since then has been used by Santiago Tourism to promote the city. The making of the video featured a 16-metre-high crane and a mini-helicopter equipped with a wescam, resulting in spectacular images of such locations as the Alameda park, Plaza de Abastos, Cathedral squares, the interior of the basilica, Hostal dos Reis Católicos or Auditorio de Galicia.

The video can be viewed on the Santiago Tourism web on on its youtube channel: