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Very close to Santiago: Arzúa

A Paínza, a village built in the 19th century, on the North Road, 3 km from the French Road, with traditional Galician architecture, features an ethnographic museum.

Located opposite the “hórreo” (stone granary), made up of 11 stages of stone and wood, are the old farming and fruit-collecting utensils.

In 5 departments, which used to be stables, a dovecot and foreman’s house, the following is on display: Forging – Shoemaking or Clog-making – Carpentry – Weights and Measures – Hearth cooker and its utensils, lamps and candles, irons, loom and other items for turning linen into cloth, bed linen, heaters, sinks, costumes from the end of the 19th centuries and curious details, revealing the region’s way of life many years ago.

Visitors can also see a Brougham carriage that the family’s forefathers used to get around in. Designed by the first Lord Brougham (1838), it is a covered vehicle with two seats inside and another two up front. The body is suspended on elliptic springs.

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A Paínza Ethnographic Museum

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A Paínza, Viladavil, Arzúa, 15819
981 50 03 43
Telephone 2
669 13 21 19