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Very close to Santiago: Vila de Cruces

A Solaina Museum was established by one of the most significant artists in the Deza region, the painter, sculptor and writer Francisco Lareo Morao, who set the project in motion as a sociocultural promotion initiative.

This is a space devoted to culture in general, which features different artistic works and expressions; it also houses meetings for writers, artists and musicians in a place that enables the exchange of ideas and the organisation of literature gatherings.

The exhibition area is divided into the following parts: A Forxa, A Solaina Vella, an outdoor courtyard, A Solaina Nova “Sala Laxeiro” and the recently opened building housing the permanent Paco Lareo hall.

Paco Lareo died in 2012 but the Foundation is now run by his sister, Carmen Lareo Morao, the Foundation’s current president.

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A Solaina de Piloño House Museum Foundation

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Paxariñas, 27, Piloño , Vila de Cruces, 36586
986 58 60 06
Telephone 2
619 89 17 43
€ 1,10
From Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am - 1 pm