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Very close to Santiago: Padrón

The Romanesque church of Santa María de Herbón is built in the area of the same name, Herbón, a locality famous for its little green peppers, regarding which it is said that “uns pican e outros non” (some are hot are others not).

As shown on the church apse’s left capital,it was Bishop Xelmírez that ordered the construction of this 12th-century building. It consists of a sole nave and features bulwarks and decoration in Compostela’s Romanesque style. However, what usually impresses visitors the most is its height.


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Church of Santa María de Herbón

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Rego da Manga , Padrón, 15915
Present use

Church with regular worship


Visiting times:
Sunday: 1 to 1.45 pm

Tourist visits may be interrupted in order to hold liturgical services.

Sunday: 1.30 pm