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Very close to Santiago: A Estrada

The church of Ouzande was popularised in Galicia by means of Castelao’s drawings. What remains of the original Romanesque design is the entire apse and part of the walls. Unlike that of Frailes and following the more usual type in A Estrada, the church of Ourzande has a semi-circular sanctuary with a straight section. It is decorated with corbels, mainly featuring representations, in which contortionists and figures of animals stand out. On the top of the roof, facing west, there is a ram bearing the cross, the Agnus Dei or Passover Lamb.

Inside the apse we can see semi-circular arches with a slight tendency towards a horseshoe shape, which is the case of the barrel vault covering the straight section and that leads to the curved section with a half-domed vault. These arches rest on capitals decorated with floral adornments, geometric intertwining, hunting scenes or aggressive animals.

The façade features the scar left in the stone by the original discharging arch of the Romanesque door; this indicates that the church alterations carried out in 1781 respected the original church’s perimeter.


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Church of San Lourenzo de Ouzande

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Ouzande , A Estrada, 36680
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Church with regular worship


Visiting times coincide with times of mass (Sunday morning)