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Very close to Santiago: Padrón

The Convent of Santo Antonio, a Franciscan building par excellence, is located in the fertile region of the parish of Herbón (Padrón). The order moved into this valley, bathed by the waters of the Sar and the Ulla, in 1396 and has continued here for more than six centuries down to our time.

This centre of worship invites all visitors to feel and experience the calmness, sobriety, tranquillity and peace prevailing within its centuries-old walls.

To access the convent you have to go along a wide ramp with a slight slope leading to the chapel door, where there is a fountain at the right that depicts a Franciscan in a praying position. The fountain bears an inscription indicating that it was built in 1786.

This convent is the origin of one of Padrón’s most valuable resources, “pimientos de Herbón” (small green peppers); these were brought from the American continent by one of the Franciscans that travelled there and have enabled Padrón to appear on the national and international gastronomy scene.

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Convent of Santo Antonio de Herbón

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Aldea Rego da Manga , Padrón, 15915

Mass: Sunday 6 pm