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Monte Pedroso

Monte Pedroso, in the west, is the city´s most emblematic hill. Protected for years from construction so that no building can ever rival the Apostle´s Basilica in height or visibility, it is the viewpoint par excellence to discover the city blending into the scenery and the Cathedral facing the sunset. Although this place is worth visiting at any time of day, the evening is special since that is when the Cathedral reflects the day´s last rays of sunshine.

From the city, Monte Pedroso´s summit is a 40-minute walk away. You set out from Ponte Asén, in Galeras Park, and go through the village of Casa Novas, thereafter going up the path marked by the Way of the Cross. To go there by car, you take the road in O Carme de Abaixo and then turn right, following the signs for the TV relay stations.

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Carretera do Pedroso , Santiago de Compostela, 15898
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