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Alto da Madanela

Viewpoint located in Pastoriza, in the parish of Carbia (Vila de Cruces). On days of good visibility, the summit of Monte Madanela (650 m) provides a panoramic view of inland Galicia with a range of up to 50 km.

The summit area of Monte Madanela was dominated in the 14th century by a chapel dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene; in 1493 it was granted, along with the Pastoriza estate, to the count of Altamiraby the last abbot of Carboeiro. The Madalena hillside features a “castro” (Celtic settlement) called A Eira dos Mouros, whose location is not at all strategic.

To reach Madelena, you have to turn off at km 30 on the PO-960 road and then follow the signposts.

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Alto da Madanela

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Alto da Madanela, Pastoriza, Carbia , Vila de Cruces, 36599
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