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Very close to Santiago: Silleda

Located in the Terra de Montes and Deza regions, this old rugged mountain range features wide-ranging spaces with some of the best views in the municipality of Silleda from its highest peak (1,014 m). Some of its population centres have been abandoned, such as the village of Grobsa, and other ones are losing population, such as Acibeiro, whose Monastery of Santa María, now fitted out as a monumental hotel, is worth visiting.

Importance: Site of Community Importance (SCI). Natura 2000 Network

Location: It is located in the south of the municipality of Silleda, within the parish of Parada, sharing the area with the municipalities of Forcarei and Lalín (Pontevedra province) and the neighbouring Bearíz and O Irizo municipalities in Ourense province.

Area: 10,683 ha
Height: 1,024 m

+info: www.turismosilleda.es

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O Candán Viewpoint

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Alto do Candán, Bustelos, Parroquia de Parada, Silleda, 36519