San Sebastián Viewpoint [Brañas de Xestoso]
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San Sebastián Viewpoint [Brañas de Xestoso]

Very close to Santiago: Silleda

Monte de San Sebastián is located in the south of the municipality of Silleda, in the parishes of Moalde and Xestoso, bordering the municipalities of Forcarei and A Estrada.

This natural site covers a total area of 1,077 ha, with heights of around 700 m above sea level; the highest point is Couto de San Sebastián de Moalde. Its main features are the Chapel of San Sebastián and Lagoa Sacra, a place combining nature and biodiversity, one of the most interesting winter bodies of water among Galicia’s wetlands.

A Site of Community Importance (SCI).A special protection area due to the great value of the communities found therein and part of the European project Natura 2000 Network. Its scientific value is priceless since it provides a record of the past.

The views and landscapes are truly beautiful and relaxing. From the highest point, you can see Santiago, A Estrada and the entire Trasdeza Valley, which makes up an important part of the Deza and Tabeirós-Terra de Montes regions.


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San Sebastián Viewpoint [Brañas de Xestoso]

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Brañas de Xestoso, Silleda, 36579