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Market on the 14th and 29th in A Bandeira

The Market on the 14th in A Bandeira, as well as that on the 29th, may be considered a hybrid of the rural market-fair type, but with the category of a traditional feirón (market), which dates from the 18th century.

What characterises this market, as a faithful example of a traditional fair, is the sale of certain types of animals (small pets), cured meat, fish, cheese, honey, cakes, bread, fruit and agricultural utensils and tools, and very important: vegetables, trees and ornamental plants, to be planted or sown as appropriate and in their own time.

It also features classic street-market articles, such as footwear, cloths and textile products.

Galician-style octopus, tripe, meat and cod dishes are available.

Open: from 9 am to 2 pm.


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Market on the 14th and 29th in A Bandeira

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Praza do Antroido, A Bandeira, Silleda, 36570