The Autonomous Region
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The Autonomous Region

Territorially, the Spanish State is divided into 17 autonomous regions. Galicia is one of the so-called historical regions, along with the Basque Country and Catalonia, and has its own body of regulations: the Autonomy Statute. The Autonomous Region of Galicia exercises its powers by means of the Legislative Assembly or Parliament, the Xunta de Galicia and its President (regional executive power) and the Galician High Court of Justice. Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports has transferred responsibility to the Xunta de Galicia in relation to audiovisual matters, in accordance with the Galician Audiovisual Law 6/1999 of September 1st.

  The municipality is the Spanish State’s basic unit of territorial organisation, as defined by the Constitution and the Autonomy Statute. Each municipality is governed by a mayor. Santiago de Compostela City Council has the general functions of representing the interests of its territory and residents, managing or presenting a series of responsibilities and public services, and facilitating citizen participation in its public institutions.

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