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Paideia Foundation Botanical Garden

Garden located in A Escravitude (Padrón). It used to belong to one of the chaplaincies of the Sanctuary found here. It was rehabilitated by the Paideia Foundation in 2007.

This garden is of great educational and cultural interest for two reasons. On the one hand, it serves as an example of the use of stony ground, with steep slopes and scarce soil, as recreational areas and on the other hand, it features plants that are not commonly found in Galician gardens.

Nearly all of the plants found in this garden are varieties obtained from plant breeding, using wild species that grow in different countries around the world. The most frequently used methods to obtain these varieties were selection processes, i.e. choosing and propagating specimens that stand out due to a particular feature, such as strikingly coloured leaves (maple trees with purple leaves, conifers with yellow leaves, heather with orange shoots, etc.), unusual growth (dwarf or ball-shaped conifers) or large, colourful leaves (magnolias). There are also varieties resulting from natural or induced hybridization, such as several types of heather, lemon-scented thyme, azaleas or rhododendrons, cherry tree with hanging branches, hybrid Dutch elm, etc.

Around about 170 different varieties are cultivated in this garden, most of which are bushes. It is worth highlighting the great diversity of heather, with close to 40 varieties. Although heather is an important component of Galicia’s natural countryside,it is not usually present in Galician gardens, unlike the case of other European countries, such as Great Britain, Ireland or Germany.


** September-June
Monday to Thursday: 9 am-2.45 pm, 4-6.30 pm
Friday: 9 am-2.45 pm

** July and August
Monday to Friday: 8 am-3 pm

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Paideia Foundation Botanical Garden

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Escravitude, Padrón, 15980