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Today is sunday 25 january, it is 6ºC and partly cloudy in Santiago

Santiago and region

Santiago de Compostela is the capital and centre of the Santiago region. It is made up of a total of seven neighbouring municipalities, namely (apart from Santiago itself), Ames, Boqueixón, Brión, Teo, Val do Dubra and Vedra.

The region, which covers an area of 690 square kilometres with a population of 150,000 inhabitants, does not only share a common geographical location and historical roots, but also many residents that daily commute between different municipalities within it in order to work and study. This fact led, in 2001, to the creation of the Santiago Joint Community, a supra-municipal entity that provides common services (transport, town planning, fire brigade, rubbish collection and waste treatment, social and sports facilities, etc) for the region's residents.

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