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Valle Inclán, s/n, SANTIAGO, 15704
981 546 619
981 546 619
Designed and built between 1988 and 1993 by the Portuguese architect Álvaro Size (Pritzker Prize winner in 1993), the building housing the Galician Contemporary Art Centre is located in one of Santiago de Compostela’s most evocative and symbolic monumental areas: bordering the old town and beside the ancient entranceway of the French Way of St. James. Behind the CGAC there are recently rehabilitated gardens, which still contain archaeological remains and old pathways. The building is arranged around an axis, with its interior spaces opening up as if it were a fan; externally it is limited by high walls and internally, flooded with daylight. The main foyer leads to the different exhibition rooms, the auditorium and the library. The upper terrace outlines the building’s ground plan and provides a magnificent view of the monumental quarter, while also revealing the architect’s integrating vision of the building.
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