Guided tour to enclosed convents

Guided tour to enclosed convents


A guided tour around sites of contemplation and silence.

A guided tour around sites of contemplation and silence. 

Santiago’s abundant heritage features enclosed convents: places of prayer,austere living and peace, surrounded by a halo of mystery hidden behind tall walls and lattices. This unusual guided visit will reveal their history, heritage and the keys to their daily routine. 

Includes brochure with detailed information. 


Enclosed convent of Mercedarian nuns. Enclosed convent of Dominican nuns. Former Convent of San Domingos (Dominicans) garden. Enclosed convent of the Order of St. Clare. 

Note: Due to the very essence of enclosed life, the tour only visits the convents’ ‘public’ areas, such as convent churches or chapels, parlours, gatehouses and revolving windows.


On request


Departures from Turismo de Santiago Main office (Rúa do Vilar, 63).


2h30min. Any physically able person can go on this visit, although you have to be a good walker due to its duration and steep hills.

Available languages

Spanish, English (Others languages on request: CONSULT).

Included in the price

Includes brochure with detailed information.


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