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Today is monday 26 january, it is 2ºC and partly cloudy in Santiago




  • Description:  Paintball is a game of skill, strategy and challenges that takes place outdoors. The players, equipped with protective masks and compressed-gas markers, chase each other around the grounds by shooting paintballs that break open on impact and 

    eliminate the opponent. 

    We provide you with the following basic package: 

    o Manual or semiautomatic paintball gun 

    o Protective mask with non-misting thermal visor 

    o Play overalls in different colours and sizes 

    o Cartridge belt 

    o 300 paintballs with sufficient gas 

    o Instructions on how to use paintball guns, safety 

    regulations, hints, etc 

    o Insurance 


    From  to 



    euros 30 per person


    Minimum of 4 players per team  


    10 km from Santiago


    The game lasts for 4 hours, since your booking entitles your group to use the grounds and equipment during an entire morning or afternoon/evening.

    Cancellation conditions

    Our facilities, 10 km from Santiago, include two grounds, dressing rooms, toilets, showers, car park and drink service.




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