1016 matches | Theatre
The season of plays continues with this prize-winning play by the Galician company La imagina machina for all the family.
The production company Cuidadano Frame presents the multi-media theatre project called 'Juanito Perighro'.
The Galician company Títeres Trompicallo presents the play 'Manolito en acción', featuring a puppet that interacts with the public.
Adaptation of the novel for the theatre by the filmmaker Isabel Coixet, featuring Carme Elías, Josep Minguell and Mercedes Sampietro.
The Galician company Teatro Proscrito presents the play 'Inés de Castro: A amarga emoción do perdido,' based on the life of the Galician...
The Sala Yago presents its regular puppet show with the Galician group Teatro Tempo's 'A historia máis prodixiosa.'
A Regadeira de Adela, Microcasa de Artes, viene a ofrecer una nueva experiencia cultural en Compostela. Un lugar diferente, donde...
Teatro do Noroeste presents the play 'A Tixola polo mango. Muller non é para tanto,' a monologue directed by Lola Correa and starring Luma Gómez.
The Teatro Principal during two evenings performances of Amortal, a theatre project by Ana Martín Puigpelat featuring collaboration between three...
A funny and intelligent musical comedy full of tenderness and poetry, featuring a fascinating imaginary journey.