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Today is saturday 28 february, it is 8ºC and fog in Santiago

Go (É)tapas

Published on 14/06/2010 11:30

Go (É)tapas

Today is a good day to try the city’s best 109 tapas in the the “Santiago (é)Tapas” Competition. 56 bars have fine-tuned the flavour of their traditional tapas and come up with new culinary ideas in order to stand out. This war of wits involves surprises and foams, mille feuille and crisps, little casseroles and sandwiches, sautés and toasts, cocottes and skewers, preserves and nests to reinterpret the most appetising fillings and all the Galician larder: octopus, crab, cockles, mussels, peppers, beef and pork, cold meats, vegetables, fruits and local cheeses.

Tapas range from Burela bonito on tomato preserve to scallop ravioli with cured ham, passing through a glass of cod, cauliflower, egg and curry-flavoured breadcrumbs; humus pasties and ham foreleg with yoghurt-and-mint sauce; prawn with chocolate-and-corn crisp or pork scratchings, green cheese and asparagus… without overlooking blood mary-flavoured prawn or a skewer with cured meat and mango.

Other names are evocative and mysterious: “Mar o fin do camiño,” “Para lamber o fuciño,” “Pajalao,” “Barca do Apóstolo,” Capitán pemento,” and “O niño do pavo”… What is in them' We will have to try them all! Bring your Tapasporte!

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