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Passion for Compostela

Published on 19/04/2011 13:02

Passion for Compostela

The beauty of a World Heritage City, the intense emotion of its processions, a festival of sacred music from around the world in monumental churches and a fine catalogue of sight-seeing tours make Compostela's Holy Week a privileged time for the city and its visitors.

The Holy Week is profoundly aesthetic and spiritual in Santiago. Eyes gaze upwards at the pointed hoods under the pinnacles, the processional crosses under the towers, the flowers that almost touch the balconies and gargoyles, while the processions advance in daylight or through the night mist.
A not-to-be-missed event, the Contemplative Music Festival, were added to these traditions six years ago. Organised by Consorcio de Santiago to bring the spiritual expressions of numerous world cultures to a city where they can coexist harmoniously, six Compostela churches host, from April 18 to 23, thirteen free concerts with groups from Europe, Asia and Africa.

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