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Today is sunday 1 march, it is 11ºC and very cloudy in Santiago

Go up to the Cathedral rooftops

Published on 13/12/2010 12:11

Go up to the Cathedral rooftops

Today is a day to go up to the Cathedral rooftops, one of the most awesome 'Compostela Experiences' you can choose on a sunny day. It becomes a pleasure since its very beginning, when you enter via Gelmírez Palace, considered one of the main civil constructions of the Romanesque period in Spain. After visiting the grand Synodal Hall, with an amazing 32-metre-long ribbed vault, you go up the narrow stairs of the Carraca tower. And when you are almost out of breath, you finally reach the Cathedral’s impressive stepped rooftops.

This stone heaven gives us a unique opportunity to understand the church’s construction stages; to have its towers, domes and pinnacles within touching distance and enjoy the unbeatable perspective of the monumental squares. At an altitude of almost 300 metres, 30 metres above Plaza del Obradoiro and with a 360-degree field of view, your eyes wander over the city roofs and disappear into the surrounding hills in an unforgettable view.

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