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The Force returns to Santiago

Published on 23/05/2013 12:53

The Force returns to Santiago

In an event organised by fans and for fans of the well-known “Stars Wars” saga, which is celebrating the 30th anniversary of “The Return of the Jedi” movie, Darth Vader, the stormtroopers and other intergalactic characters will parade through Santiago’s old town and end their “invasion” in Plaza del Obradoiro.

The idea of Santiago forming part of the more than 400 fictitious planets in Star Wars literature arose from a group of the saga’s Compostela fans, Tropa Korriban. They are not only willing to display their valuable costumes and collector’s items during the event, but are extending an invitation to all those wanting to participate in this intergalactic parade.

The Compostela event of May 25 will consist of a large parade of Imperial troops through the old town in Plaza del Obradoiro. Facing the Cathedral towers, the troops will give a speech and will honour late Constantino Romero, the Spanish voice of Darth Vader.

Afterwards, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, C3PO, Yoda, Jedi, Ewok and Imperial troops will walk into Compostela's nightlife.

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