Viva Suecia + Ricardo Lezón
Viva Suecia + Ricardo Lezón
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Viva Suecia + Ricardo Lezón

Viva Suecia are undoubtedly one of the phenomena of independent music in our country. With only 3 years of life, they have already played outside our borders and hung the sold-out poster on three occasions. Their songs are generational hymns that bring out tempers and emotions.

Ricardo Lezón is the singer-songwriter of emotions to the surface of skin that does not come properly from the song of author, although almost without wanting it ends in her, like in the eternal delicate pop, but of things more of this century like the slowcore or the alt country.

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Viva Suecia + Ricardo Lezón

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Sala Malatesta
Rúa de San Lourenzo, 51-53, Santiago de Compostela, 15705
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