'Visitas Astronómicas 2019'
[Guided visits]
'Visitas Astronómicas 2019'
06/07/2019 - 08/09/2019
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The Gaiás complex hosts astronomical observation sessions, in which you can enjoy the stars and the architecture of the complex at the same time.Through telescopes and binoculars, and following the technical explanations of monitors, you can observe the moon, planets, double stars, nebulas ... In addition, with the help of a planisphere, the participants will learn to identify the constellations at first sight. 

In this edition, each of the astronomical visits will have a thematic character, distributed as follows:

July 6: Xúpiter (11.00 pm.)

July 19: Saturno (11.00 pm.)

July 20: O Triángulo de Verán (11.00 pm.)

July 27: A Estrela Polar (11.00 pm.)

August 2: A Osa Maior (10.30 pm.)

August 3: Casiopea (10.30 pm.)

August 10: Hércules (10.30 pm.)

August 24: O Serpentario (10.30 pm.)

August 31: Pegaso (10.30 pm.)

September 7: A Lúa (10.00 pm.)



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'Visitas Astronómicas 2019'

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