Dialogued visit between Rosalía de Castro and Valle-Inclán
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Dialogued visit between Rosalía de Castro and Valle-Inclán
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Turismo de Santiago organizes for the first time the Dialogued Visit between Rosalía and Valle with the aim of offering free, innovative and different guided tours, designed for a cultural and family audience, interested in discovering Santiago from the perspective of two of the main Galician writers, in a didactic and entertaining way.

The script is based on an imaginary dialogue between Rosalía de Castro and Valle-Inclán, contextualized by the streets and squares they visit in the Historic Quarter. This is an open activity, so it is not necessary to book in advance, but it is advisable to arrive at the starting point ten minutes before.

These dialogued visits, included in the programme of Festivities of the Apostle 2018, and which are financed by the Xunta de Galicia through Turismo de Galicia and with the collaboration of Abanca, continue with the work of enhancing the attractiveness of the city through the figures of writers of relevance who spent part of their lives in the city.

Date: Every Friday and Sunday in July
Duration: 1 h 30min.
Time and meeting point: 18.00, Plaza de San Agustín.
Itinerary: Plaza de San Agustín, Rúa da Conga, Rúa Nova, Santa María de Salomé Church, Rúa do Vilar, Rúa de Bautizados, San Fiz de Solovio Church.

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Dialogued visit between Rosalía de Castro and Valle-Inclán

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