'Valor e mestría. Galicia como fútbol'
'Valor e mestría. Galicia como fútbol'
15/02/2019 - 01/09/2019
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'Value e mestría. Galicia como fútbol 'is the most ambitious exhibition about the phenomenon of football in Galicia, both in historical travel and in the number of pieces: 300, of which 200 are original. The exhibition begins in 1876, the year in which the first reference to the game of football in Galicia is dated, and which some historians consider also in Spain, until the 'goal' of the Celticist Iago Aspas in the recent World Cup in Russia.

The exhibition gathers trophies, medals, posters, banners, scarves, shirts, boots, photographs, videos and other objects. The pieces that make up the sample were provided by different public collectors (30) and private collectors (60). Thus, the collaboration of the main clubs of the community, as well as of the Galician federations, and also of the most outstanding players in the history of Galician football or their heirs was required.

Throughout these 143 years, the Galician football has been the protagonist in numerous stellar moments. Thus, the selection of pieces of this exhibition devolves to team deeds such as the Racing runner-up of the Spanish Cup, the Pontevedra of 'Hai que roelo', the Super Dépor or the Celta that shone in Europe; of coaches such as Moncho Encinas, Arsenio Iglesias or Carriega; and players such as the Galician Olympians of 1920, Luis Suárez, Amancio, Marcelino, Fran, Borja Oubiña, Iago Aspas, Lucas Vázquez and Lucas Pérez; or of our most international footballer, Verónica Boquete, the most representative name of the explosion that Galician women's soccer is experiencing, and which had the goalkeeper Irene as a pioneer at the beginning of the last century.


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'Valor e mestría. Galicia como fútbol'

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