Smoking Souls
Smoking Souls
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Smoking Souls

Smoking Souls is a band from Alicante formed in 2010 by Carlos Caselles (guitar, vocals), Pau Camps (guitar), Josep Bolu (drums) and Miquel Àlvarez (bass). However, it won't be until three years after its birth that the young band will release its first album "L'Espenta", rock in a social context in which, in addition to the uncertainty of the musicians, the social context in which they have grown up is added: the band generates, with this, a social struggle through its music.
In 2015 they publish "Nòmades", an album with which they begin to form part of the Valencian and Catalan music scene, touring around these autonomous communities, both on their own and at festivals.
Their latest album, "Cendra i or", is released in 2017, in which they open their way by experimenting with new rhythms and timbres. However, they do not lose their essence with this one: music as a tool to face the day to day.

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Smoking Souls
Smoking Souls

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