“Santiaguiño do Monte”
“Santiaguiño do Monte”
24/07/2016 - 25/07/2016

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Very close to Santiago: Padrón

A popular festival held on July 24 and 25, being closely linked to the Jacobean tradition and the figure of the Apostle James. It is held around a chapel of the same name and several crags that, according to tradition, were the place chosen by the Apostle James to preach among the local inhabitants.

The festival is held in a unique setting, ideal for enjoying a few days together as a family, with bagpipe players, “big heads” and grilled sardines along with chorizo rolls and cornbread. Recreational activities for young and old have been included in recent years, including zip lines, geocaching or climbing area.

In the afternoon of the 24th, an important Ass Derby is held in Padrón’s old town. It is practically the only one of its kind in Galicia and is very popular among Padrón residents.

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Santiaguiño do Monte, Padrón
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