'San Xoán' in the neighbourhoods of Compostela
'San Xoán' in the neighbourhoods of Compostela
21/06/2019 - 24/06/2019
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'San Xoán' in the neighbourhoods of Compostela

The neighbourhoods of Compostela join in the celebration of the San Xoán festivities, offering a wide range of activities for everyone.



All day: “Raigame” Assoc.: Collaborates with shops in the new town, distributing free bunches of “San Xoán” Herbs to shoppers in the Ensanche area. 18h onwards: “José Saramago” Civic Centre in Vite: “San Xoán” Festival, featuring music and dancing. C. C. de Vite. “O Ensanche” C. C.: “Family Friday: collecting San Xoán plants along the banks of the River Sarela.” Free activity for families with children ages 5 and over. Register beforehand by calling 981 543 001.


All day: “Raigame” Assoc.: Collaborates with shops in the new town, distributing free bunches of “San Xoán” Herbs to shoppers in the Ensanche area. 12h onwards: “Francisco Asorey” Assoc.: “Solsticio da Almáciga”. Music, vermouth session, theatre, puppets, barbecue and street market. Discount prices. Parque da Almáciga. 17h onwards: “As Brañas de Andrés” Assoc., in Vite: bonfire for adults, inflatables and bonfire for children, street market, open-air dance, sardines and dance with orchestra. Parque da Música. 18h onwards: “Sandra Prego Rial” Assoc.: Inflatables, free sardines (20:30h) and bonfire (00:00h). C/ José Antonio Souto Paz. 19h onwards: “Guadalupe A Ponderosa” Assoc.: Sardines, bonfire for adults and for children, and musical duo. Parque Pablo Iglesias. “Río Sarela da Peregrina” Assoc.: Sardines. A Peregrina. 21h onwards: “A Xunlla” Assoc.: Sardines and music. Social Centre. Rúa Rioboo. “Marrozos” Assoc.: Sardines and bonfire. Ardagán-Marrozos.


11h onwards: “Conxo Aberto” Assoc.: “Collecting San Xoán Herbas”. Guided route accompanied by the botanist Martín Souto. All ages. Registration and departure: Conxo C. C.. “Espazo veciñal de Sar, CSA Casa do Peixe, Veciños de Sar y Barrio Xardin” Assoc.: “San Xoán 2019”. Market, crafts, food, books, art and children’s space. Karate and gymnastics display. Participative Zumba. “Vehicle care and maintenance workshop”(12:00h), music by “Enxebres de San Lázaro” and “Exiliados de Fontenla”. Music performances: vermouth session with “La Sincereza” (14h.), “Russinha” (15h.), “Abel DJ”(18h.), “Trío de Jazz” (20h.), “Furnier” (farewell concert) (21h.), “Cálida Negra” (22h.). “Sarsódromo” music and dancing at 17h. and  21h. “Llave” throwing competition (19h.). Sardines (20 h.) and bonfire (23h.). Sar neighbourhood. Irmán Rei Alvite, Praza de Sar, Rúa do Olvido, Rúa de Sar and Ponte de Sar. 12h onwards: “San Lourenzo e Carme de Abaixo” Assoc.: Street market, bonfires, barbecue and traditional music. Carballeira de San Lourenzo. 17h onwards:  “Maislume” Assoc.: Presents “Dubmingo SDC: Rototom Launch Party” with performances by Nish Wadada, Ital Roots and Maislume Kolektive. Bonfire, food and Soundsystem. Sar football pitch. 18h onwards: “Plataforma de Galeras” Assoc.: Collecting “San Xoán” herbs and walk along the River Sarela. Departure from Galeras bus stop. “Veciños do Casco Histórico y San Martiño Pinario” Assoc.: Sardines, barbecue and party. Ruela de Xerusalén. 19h onwards: “Praza de San Paio” Assoc.: Sardines, barbecue and musical performance by “Son tres”. Praza de San Paio de Antealtares. “Conxo Aberto” Assoc.: Traditional games, group of tambourine and bagpipe players (“Asociación de Música tradicional de Conxo”), sardines, bonfire for children, tale of the “queimada” (flamed eau-de-vie) spell, “San Xoán” drink for children with “Dulcinea y Eva”, big bonfire and fireworks display. Praza Aurelio Aguirre. 20h: “Gentalha do Pichel” Assoc.: Bonfire for children, party and bonfire for adults. Praza de Salvador Parga. “A Xuntanza” Assoc.: Bonfire and sardines. Cruz de San Pedro. “Agora Galiza-Unidade Popular” Assoc.: Bonfire and traditional Galician music. Grilled chorizos and bread. Praza 8 de Marzo. 21h onwards: Sta. Marta-Choupana “Vedesma” Associ.: Sardines and bonfire. Praza Escultor Ferreiro.

(*) Information provided by the different promoters up to June 13 and subject to possible changes, cancellations or new activities and bonfires.


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'San Xoán' in the neighbourhoods of Compostela

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