San Xoán nos Barrios
San Xoán nos Barrios
22/06/2018 - 24/06/2018
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The neighbourhoods of Compostela join in the celebration of the San Xoán festivities, offering a wide range of activities for everyone.


“José Saramago” Civic Centre in Vite: “A healthy walk about the city: gathering San Xoán plants.” Activity for adults (you must register beforehand in person or by calling 981 542 492).

O Ensanche Civic Centre: “Family Friday: looking for San Xoán plants along the Road to Fisterra.” Free activity for families with children ages 5 and over. Register by calling 981 543 001.


13:30h onwards.
“Gentalha do Pichel” Assoc.: Vermouth session with grilled sardines, concert by “Ukestra do medio” (18:30h), children’s bonfire (20:00h), open-air dance (22:00h) and bonfire for adults (00:00h). Praza de Salvador Parga. Reduced prices.

17h onwards.
“Sandra Prego Rial” Assoc.: Inflatables, free grilled sardines (20:30h) and bonfire (00:00h) in Rúa de José Antonio Souto Paz.
Comisión de Fiestas de Vista Alegre: Inflatables for children, free grilled sardines (21:30h), bonfire and open-air dance (00:00h). Parque  San Xoán in Rúa Santa Comba.
“As Brañas de San Andrés” Assoc., in Vite: Inflatables for children, flea market, open-air dance (23:00h) and bonfire (00:00h). Parque da Música en Compostela in Rúa Ricardo Carvhalo Calero and Vista Alegre.
Comisión de Fiestas de Figueiras: Music, food (17h) and bonfire  (23h).  Figueiras (church).

18:00h onwards.
Plataforma de Galeras: Tour of the Franco-era prison of Santa Isabel with Antonio Míguez Macho, history lecturer at the University of Santiago de Compostela, gathering “San Xoán” herbs along the River Sarela.
“Conxo Aberto” Assoc.: Guided route to gather “San Xoán” herbs (you must register beforehand), traditional games (Praza de Aurelio Aguirre), grilled sardines and bar service with octopus and barbecued meat, prize lottery, bonfire, fireworks and music featuring tambourines, bagpipes and DJ.
“Maislume” Assoc.: Bonfire, food at reduced prices, music and performances by Sound System and MaisLume Kolektive, among others, at the Sar football pitch.

19:00 onwards.
“Guadalupe-A Ponderosa” Assoc.: Children’s entertainment, music, grilled sardines, bread, chorizos, Galician pie , “rosca” pastry  and bonfire  in Pablo Iglesias Park. Free.
20h onwards.
“Coto da Nai” Assoc.: Free grilled sardines , barbecued meat and bonfire in the Coto da Nai Civic Centre.
“Pontepedriña” Assoc.: Bonfire and grilled sardines at reduced prices in the Pontepedriña Civic Centre.
“Río Sarela San Lourenzo” Assoc.: Bonfire and free barbecue.
“Praza de San Paio” Assoc.: Grilled sardines accompanied by music. Free when you buy a drink. Rúa San Paio de Antealtares.

21h onwards.
“A Xuntanza” Assoc.: Bonfire at Cruz de San Pedro.

22h onwards.
“Vedesma” Santa Marta-Choupana Assoc.: Grilled sardines and bonfire in Praza de Escultor Ferreiro. Free.
“Domingo Cepeda” do Eixo Assoc.: Grilled sardines in Piñeiro forest. Free.

12h onwards.
Comisión de Fiestas de Vista Alegre: Solemn mass (12:00h), vermouth with Metrópolis orchestra (13:30h), children’s entertainment (17.00h) and open-air dance with Metrópolis orchestra (21:00h).

19.30h onwards.
“Agustín Bueno” Civic Centre in O Castiñeiro: Free grilled sardines in collaboration with the residents’ association in the former Ramón Cabanillas school.

(*) Information provided by the different promoters up to June 18 and subject to possible changes, cancellations or new activities and bonfires (in 2017 there were 60 public “cacharelas” or bonfires in Santiago de Compostela).

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San Xoán nos Barrios

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