Rubén Santiago, 'OMEN'
Rubén Santiago, 'OMEN'
13/09/2018 - 02/11/2018
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Rubén Santiago, 'OMEN'

The conflict over the ownership of common goods is the subject of the project carried out by Rubén Santiago who, under the title of OMEN (O Monte É Noso), reflects on the collective experiences of the use of mountains in the Galician context and in the north of Portugal. In his work he refers to the confrontation between the villagers of the Salcedo mountains (Pontevedra) and the Spanish army, for the occupation of land for the construction of a training base for the Airborne Infantry Brigade (Brilat) known as the "Afghan village" because its function was to train troops for their participation, within the framework of NATO, in the war in Afghanistan.

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Rubén Santiago, 'OMEN'
Rubén Santiago, 'OMEN'

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