“Romería del Corpiño”
“Romería del Corpiño”
23/06/2015 - 24/06/2015

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Very close to Santiago: Lalín

Pilgrimage held in honour of St. John the Baptist in the parish of Santa Baia de Losón. It is famous for curing ailments of the spirit such as the evil eye, depressions, spells or diabolic possessions. The event is also known as the “fiesta del meigallo.”

During two days, different religious ceremonies are held in honour of “Nuestra Señora del Corpiño.” After mass, the moment of greatest devotion takes place when the “Virgen del Corpiño” is carried in a procession by the pilgrims, who surround the Sanctuary and pass underneath the image of Our Lady, thereby showing their veneration and asking for her protection.

It is a traditional festival that also features, apart from the pilgrimage to the sanctuary, fine food, drink, games for children and musical performances.

The feast of the “Virgen del Corpiño” is held on March 25.

+ info: www.santuario-corpino.es

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Santuario de Nosa Señora de O Corpiño, Santa Baia de Losón, Lalín, 36512
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