Rock is Dead Fest 2018
Rock is Dead Fest 2018
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Rock is Dead Fest 2018

Belvís Park will be the epicenter of Rock is Dead Fest, music from 12:30 in the morning until dawn. More than 12 hours of live music with the performance of 6 Galician bands and the largest gathering of musicians you will ever see, paying tribute to the dead of rock (Bowie, Michael Jackson, Creedence, Metallica...).
Admission is free, as are children's activities and workshops throughout the morning.

12:30 | Horse Stealers (Progressive Rock)
13:30 | Mad Martin Trio (Rockabilly)
14:30 | Lou Reyes y sus Reales (Rockabilly)
15:30 | Performances by students from "Casa do Rock" (Santiago) and "Bonobo" (Pontevedra)
17:00 | XanSession XVII (the biggest rock jam session on the peninsula, where more than 100 musicians participate)
22:00 | Mojo Experience (Blues Rock)
23:00 | Riff Raff (ACDC covers)
00:00 | Hammer (Stoner)

*The organization reserve his right to change schedules

Storytelling "Contos Extraños"
Chess U-13 Championship
Workshop Futbol Flag "Black Ravens"
Drummer Zone (Electronic Drums

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 Rock is Dead Fest 2018

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Belvís Park
Parque de Belvís , Santiago de Compostela, 15703
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