Real Straits
Real Straits
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Real Straits

Real Straits are seven virtuoso performers, recognized internationally, and united with the intention of paying an unforgettable tribute to one of the most relevant groups in the history of music: the Dire Straits.

The role of Mark Knopfler is played by guitarist Ángel Miguel, accompanied by Dany León on guitar, Samuel Rodríguez and Fernando Chacón on keyboards, Alejandro Blanco on drums, Antón Ceballos on bass and Juan Flores on sax. Part of this cast are or have been musicians from Ilegales, Willie Nile, Elliot Murphy or Avalanch, among others.

Through their spectacular live performances, these musicians recreate the immortal songs of Dire Straits, which surprise and thrill the most loyal followers of the British band.

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Real Straits

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Sala Capitol
Rúa de Concepción Arenal, 5, Santiago de Compostela, 15702
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