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Maundy Thursday (Thursday, April 17): PROCESSION OF 'LA ÚLTIMA CENA DEL SALVADOR'
Brotherhood of 'La Vera Cruz'

7 pm

Home-Starting point
Church of San Francisco

San Francisco – Praza do Obradoiro – Praza das Praterías – Rúa do Vilar – Praza do Toural – Rúa Nova – Rúa da Conga – Praza das Praterías – Praza do Obradoiro – San Francisco

Points of interest...
Procession featuring parish cross accompanied by a rattle, band music with bugles and drums and the Municipal Music Band.
Its members wear a black serge habit with olive-green wristbands, hood and sash.
The float features the “Última Cena del Salvador,” which won a prize at the Paris Universal Exhibition, a statue of the last supper made by the Compostela sculptor Sanmartín in 1864.
The “Nazareno de Medinacelli” that is part of the procession was recently donated to the brotherhood by the nuns of “La Compañía de María,” the Compostela church where a replica of the statue is kept.
The procession’s “Dolorosa” is a statue of the Virgin belonging to the Third Order of St. Francis and is attributed to the galician sculptor Ferreiro.

Year of Foundation
Proof of its existence goes back to 1548

The “Cofradía de la Vera Cruz” was founded in the mid-16th century, in the convent of San Francisco, to commemorate the institution of the eucharist by means of a procession featuring the float of “La Última Cena del Salvador.”
The procession, which was firstly assumed by the brotherhoods and then by Santiago’s residents, was finally (as of 1615) made dependent on the Council. And it was the Council that, at the end of the 20th century after an absence of many years, revived it in 1993 and entrusted its organisation to the Franciscan Monks in 1997, when it was reorganised and cononically established with new habits and statutes.

More information

Convent and Church of San Francisco
Rúa do Campiño de San Francisco 3, Santiago de Compostela, 15704
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