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Maundy Thursday (Thursday, April 2, 2015): PROCESSION OF 'JESÚS FLAGELADO'
Brotherhood of 'Nuestro Padre Jesús Flagelado'

11:30 pm

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Church of San Agustín

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Points of interest...
It is a penitential procession featuring crosses and chains.
Its members wear a black habit with sky-blue hood, wristbands and chord.
The image of “Nuestro Padre Jesús Flagelado” was sculpted by Diego de Sande in the first third of the 18th Century.
The Baroque-style float used in the procession was made in 1953 by the carpenter Pose.

Year of Foundation
Founded in 1953

Its origin goes back to the Marian Congregation of San Luis de Gonzaga in the church of San Agustín, run by father Villamil; the association was made up of young university students at that time.
Its first president was José Besada Varela, who gathered 26 founding members that participated in the 1953 procession.
The brotherhood now has 350 members that participate in the evening of Holy Thursday.

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Convent and Church of Santo Agostiño
Rúa Santo Agostiño, 2
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